Daily Living Skills is a major focus within the Waking Day learning programme. These include learning to acquire appropriate toileting skills, developing personal care routines, appropriate mealtime behaviour, building the understanding and ability to shop for, prepare, and serve food with increasing levels of independence; undertaking household chores such as using washing machines and dishwashers, sorting laundry and tidying bedrooms, learning to share; to take responsibility for personal belongings, and developing a sense of family and community. 

Within this section, there are four programmes of learning which help to give the young people we support a toolkit of essential skills for life. These programmes of learning are:

  • Personal care
  • Meal-time practices
  • Leisure and social
  • Looking after my environment

Under each programme of learning there are skills to be learnt. These are selected based on the individual’s level of understanding and what is achievable for them. To support the learning, skill steps are used by the staff team to offer a consistent approach.

For example:

Area of learning: Daily living skills

Programme of learning: Personal care

Learning focus: Brushing teeth

I can statement: I can get my toothbrush

Priors Court Learning Framework Pyramid

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