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Key contacts:

Reception / General enquiries: Head Receptionist - Karen Head
t: +44(0)1635 247202 e: [email protected] 

Admissions - School and Young Adult:
Admissions Manager - Claire Pedley
t: +44(0)1635 245914 e: [email protected] 

Media enquiries: Dan Whiteway - Marketing & PR Manager
t: +44(0)1635 247202 e: [email protected]   

t: +44(0)161 237 8081 e: [email protected] 

School and Young Adult enquiries: Education and Care PA - Annette Robinson
t: +44(0)1635 247202 e: [email protected] 

Safeguarding: Designated Safeguarding Lead - Lynsey Preston
t: +44(0)1635 247202 e: lpreston[email protected] 

Education Provision: Headteacher (Director of Young People's Education) - Sue Piper
t: +44(0)1635 247202 e: [email protected]

Chair of Trustees - Chris Barrett
c/o Prior's Court School, Hermitage, Thatcham, Berkshire RG18 9NU

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