Within this section, there are eight programmes of learning which focus on preparing young people for the world of work. Young people will access specific programmes according to their individual skills and interests as part of their pathway to work.

The aim will be to gain these skills to the highest level achievable and apply them into real working environments.  Over time each young person will build on the skills they have learnt, and these skills will be practised in different situations, different places and with different people. 

These programmes of learning are:

  • Land-based (horticulture)
  • Land-based (animal care)
  • Bakery (in our on-site bakery, Bread & Beyond)
  • Catering and hospitality
  • Business studies
  • Digital skills
  • Housekeeping
  • Trade skills

Under each programme of learning there are  skills to be learnt. These are selected based on the individual’s level of understanding and what is achievable for them. To support the learning, skill steps are used by the staff team to offer a consistent approach.

For example:

Area of learning: Vocational Learning

Programme of learning: Bakery

Learning focus: Weigh ingredients

I can statement: I can cooperate to follow recipes and add premeasured ingredients to the dough mixPriors Court Learning Framework Pyramid

Example Programme Descriptor - Catering & Hospitality

Learn how Ellen became the first young person at Prior's Court to have a paid on-site work placement:

Work Placements - On-site at Prior's Court - housekeeping />

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