We wanted our son to be in a school where there was a 24 hour curriculum that was focused around his specific needs and Prior’s Court has provided that and more... We are over the moon with his progress.

Parent of a young person at Prior's Court School

Consistency of approach throughout the waking day

The most crucial factor in achieving success for our young people is consistency of approach. As such, learning takes place throughout the entire waking day and in all settings, including education, residential homes and within the wider community. Consistency is achieved through having a shared approach, careful planning and a focus on ensuring expertise for all staff. Education, residential and therapy teams work together with specialists and parents/carers to ensure consistency. This way, each young person has the opportunity to make progress in all areas of learning

A personalised programme of learning

Learning in all areas is individualised to each young person. Each follows their own personalised programme of learning with activities structured throughout their waking day and consistent learning objectives followed by all staff across both education and residential settings. This programme is reviewed regularly by key staff using supporting information from Prior Insight to look at each young person's achievements and individual needs, building on their strengths and interests and their developing and emerging skills. 

Generalising skills

Young people learn and develop skills in seven key areas and practice these skills regularly in a range of different settings.  Every part of a young person's day is considered to provide opportunities for learning and reinforcing skills, using our consistent approach. This supports the recognised need for generalisation and overlearning in people with autism. 

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