Pupils here learn to communicate their thinking, wants and needs in a range of efficient and innovative ways. As their vocabulary grows, so do their horizons.

Ofsted Education inspection report, May 2022

Communication is an effective exchange of information between two or more people. Being able to communicate involves:

  • Getting messages in (understanding or receptive language)
  • Getting messages out (expression or expressive language)
  • Being able to engage with others (or social skills)

Prior’s Court adopts a Total Communication approach, which honours and accepts all forms of communication. A combination of methods are used as communication is individualised to each young person.

Under each programme of learning there are skills to be learnt. These are selected based on the individual’s level of understanding and what is achievable for them. To support the learning, skill steps are used by the staff team to offer a consistent approach.

See our Communication for Young People policy

For example:

Area of learning: Communication

Programme of learning: Expressive language

Learning focus: Critical communication skills

I can statement: I can use my communication system to ask for food and drink

Priors Court Learning Framework Pyramid

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