There are over 500 staff at Prior’s Court to provide support 24 hours a day. There are full and part time roles working directly with our young people, business support, estates and housekeeping.Read more

Changing Lives

Our staff are crucial to the progress of young people. Find out how you can embark on a rewarding career making a real difference to young people with severe autism.Read more

Working Environment

The School and Young Adult Provision together with the buildings set aside for training and Foundation staff offices are all on one beautiful 50 acre site with plenty of outdoor space.Read more

Benefits of Working With Us

The staff teams that work at Prior’s Court are key to the happiness and progress of our young people. Here are details of the benefits we offer staff.Read more

Skills and experience

Our young people are able to make amazing progress due to the diversity of our staff whose cultural and career backgrounds are as broad and valuable as their personalities, skills and experience.Read more

Career Pathway

We recognise that our staff are vital to the progress of our young people and will support you with specialist training, a competitive salary and excellent career progression opportunities.Read more

Application Process

What happens when you apply for a job at Prior's Court? Find out our recruitment process and timeline here.Read more

Get in touch

There are various ways to get in touch to find out more about working at Prior's Court, including our regular open days at our 50 acre site in Hermitage, West Berkshire.Read more