Within this section, there are five programmes of learning which all help our young people with self-management, as well as managing their surroundings. These programmes all contribute to helping our young people to live happily in their homes, become more independent and able to access the world of work in future.

These programmes of learning are:  

  • Sensory management
  • Living with others
  • Self-management
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Following instructions

Under each programme of learning there are skills to be learnt. These are selected based on the individual’s level of understanding and what is achievable for them. To support the learning, skill steps are used by the staff team to offer a consistent approach.

For example:

Area of learning: Positive behaviour support

Programme of learning: Following instruction

Learning focus: Using a schedule

I can statement: I can get to a place when directed by an adult and pay attention to the object/photograph/symbol/written word they show me for that place

Priors Court Learning Framework Pyramid

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