The complex nature of the young people at Prior’s Court means information needs to be collected on every aspect of their lives - information that enables us to track the progress they make and informs us about ways in which we can improve this progress and the outcomes they achieve. 

To get the most from this data, we developed a whole organisational digital recording and reporting system we call Prior Insight. Harnessing the power of modern digital technology to store and interrogate large amounts of data, the system provides insights into the complexities of autism, enabling a better understanding and mapping of autistic behaviours. Through a better understanding, we are able to predict behaviour and intervene where needed. 

Impact for Prior's Court and the wider autism community

In addition to its fundamental purpose of improving the quality of life for young people with autism, Prior Insight is also transforming the way Prior’s Court operates. We anticipate the impact for our young people but also the wider autism community will be immense, based on:

  • a better understanding of our young people and how to help them have more good days
  • a speedier understanding of why things happen
  • happier young people, better able to thrive and learn
  • a better understanding of autism as a condition which we can share with the wider autism community.

Prior Insight in action – helping young people with autism


After a sickness bug, it was identified that Alfie appeared to have developed an almost phobic response to food, with data from Prior Insight supporting anecdotal evidence from his parents and residential staffing teams.

Prior Insight supported a multi-disciplinary approach by providing a platform to analyse data points such as meal time lengths, fruit and vegetable intakes, the balance of his diet, and reassurance behaviours, in addition to basic data such as weight.

Alfie has regained a healthy weight and continues to develop a positive relationship with food.

Alfie's casestudy


Prior Insight supported the team in Andrew’s residential home to identify a pattern of crippling migraines which prevented him attending education.

While migraines were the cause suspected by Andrew’s family and his support workers, Prior Insight allowed for data around behaviour patterns and periods of withdrawal to be easily interpreted and compared, allowing for remedial action to be successfully implemented. Subsequently, behavioural incidents halved and Andrew’s school attendance improved.

Andrew's casestudy

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