We use the TEACCH system of Structured Teaching as a key part of our Prior Approach.

TEACCH has developed an approach known as 'Structured teaching'. The principles of Structured teaching are:

  • Understanding the learning styles of autistic individuals and how to use strategies that build upon learning strengths
  • Developing an individualised person and family centred plan for each person, rather than using a standard curriculum
  • Structuring the physical environment to make it clearer
  • Using visual information to make the sequence of daily activities predictable and understandable
  • Using visual information to make individual tasks understandable
  • Implementing assessment and strategies to build on skills

We personalise structure to the level a young person understands and needs. Ongoing assessment in all of these areas ensures young people are accessing learning, developing new skills and growing in independence.

Why Structured Teaching?

Studies have demonstrated Structured Teaching provides one of the most positive outcomes for autistic individuals, helping them to understand the events in their day, reduce anxieties, aid learning, and facilitate independence. 

Our Structured Teaching expertise

We have strong links with the University of North Carolina where the TEACCH system of Structured Teaching was developed.

An exceptional number of our staff are TEACCH-trained, while we also have a significant proportion of the UK’s TEACCH Certified Advanced Consultants on our staff.

We want to share our experience and expertise with other professionals, parents and others who support autistic young people with complex needs. Training courses are regularly held on our site, led by our Certified Practitioners and Certified Advanced Consultants.

Find out more about TEACCH methodologies and training courses available for practitioners and family members.

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