You have been the most important part of our son's success.

Prior's Court Foundation is a registered non-profit making charity managing a specialist residential school, young adult provision and a training and development centre. We support and improve life chances for young people aged 5-25 who are severely affected by autism.

Set on a beautiful 50 acre site in West Berkshire, we have extensive facilities adapted to support the complex needs of young people with severe autism. The video below is an aerial view of our grounds and facilities.

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Prior’s Court is dedicated to bringing the highest level of expertise to support and improve life chances for people with severe autism. You can read more about how we do this in 'Our Approach'.

You have been the most important part of our son's success. You have proved the "experts" wrong. Our son was not a lost cause, he could learn to manage his anxiety. He needed more help than many others, but it could be done. Of course he developed in his own way but he adapted to communal life and the difference you've made for his future is priceless.

Parent of Prior's Court student


All people with autism will receive the most appropriate support to enable them to lead healthy, happy and fulfilling lives. 


  • We value the individuality of our young people and our staff and treat them with respect and dignity
  • We believe that our approach offers the most successful pathway to achieving the highest level of independence and a fulfilling life
  • We have high expectations of our students and young adults and all who work with them
  • We value, encourage and celebrate their achievements
  • We have a people-centred approach where we are able to learn from each other and where every person matters
  • We believe in the importance of the partnership with parents and families as the strongest basis for success for all involved
  • We seek opportunities to encourage understanding and greater integration for our young people in the wider community.

To read Prior's Court's charitable objects, visit the Charity Commission website.

Read our Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 August 2019:

Prior's Court Annual Report 2019 - 1