Progress at Prior’s Court is measured using our I Can statements system. Simply put, an I Can statement is what a young person is able to do in any given task, activity or learning scenario across our seven Areas of Learning within the Prior's Court Learning Framework.

I Can statements build on each other but are broken down into achievable steps towards a much bigger goal.

We recognise the young people we support all have different starting points and require different levels of support. We use ten levels ranging from Encounter to Application and feel that this supports the journey and challenge of each young person.

The I Can statements represent the journey of learning towards a level being achieved.

Our I Can statements system allows us to measure progress not only in traditional teaching environments but also recognising the importance of generalising that skill to different times and places. The Areas of Learning focus on what is important to enable young people to live as independently as possible. We recognise that Daily Living Skills such as cleaning teeth and dressing are essential life skills.

The breadth of this system is huge with the seven Areas of Learning breaking down into more than 30 Learning Programmes, hundreds of Focus Areas, and thousands of I Can statements, to provide a holistic view of progress across a wide range of scenarios.

There are also five prompt levels:

1.      Experience recorded

2.      Physical prompt

3.      Gestural prompt

4.      Communicated prompt

5.      Mastered

The expectation is that if a young person achieves the I Can statements within a grouping at a mastered prompt level, meaning that through structure and visual support the young person can work without prompts or help, then they are functioning at an ‘outstanding’ level. Other areas of progress are rated on the continuum of good to below expected.

The ultimate aim is for skills that are worked on to be achieved at a mastered level but we recognise due to the complexities of some young people this may be through more support.

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