Positive Behaviour Support career pathway

All of our young people benefit from our positive behavioural support programmes. Our multi-disciplinary team are responsible for supporting individuals to develop their functional communication, independence and wellbeing skills. Our team includes Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists, Nurses, a Music Therapist and our Positive Behaviour Support specialists.

See how you could progress in your career at Prior's Court when you join our positive behavioural support team.

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  • Autism Practitioner

    Autism Practitioners play a crucial role in supporting our young people to grow and develop encouraging each individual to achieve their aspirations and lead fulfilling and purposeful lives.

    Whether supporting young people in the classroom, on an outside trip or settling down to read a bedtime story, you will build an enduring bond with each young person you work with and go home each day knowing that you have made a real difference to their lives.

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  • Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Autism Practitioner

    Our Positive Behaviour Support Autism Practitioners combine their interest in psychology and behaviour, with a passion for working with young people with autism. They support and mentor staff on a day to day basis, whilst working and implementing the Positive Behaviour  Support plans directly with each young person. They are the main link between the house team and a Positive Behaviour Support Lead, coordinating behaviour support planning and monitoring any incident analysis.

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  • Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Lead

    As a Positive Behaviour Support or PBS lead with experience of working with young people with autism and the use of functional analysis you would be responsible for leading the data analysis and creation, implementation and evaluation of the behaviour support plans for our young people. This role works alongside all staff across a group of our residential homes and within our school.

    Guiding the Positive Behaviour Support Autism Practitioners and supporting the delivery of the support plans is a crucial part of this role to ensure the growth of our young people and improve their quality of life.

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  • Therapist / Nurse

    Our Nurses and Therapists provide a holistic healthcare service for our young people. Whether your speciality is Nursing, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy, you’ll be responsible for assessing individual needs, developing and monitoring interventions, and delivering individual, joint, multidisciplinary, group and teacher directed sessions.

    As part of the Therapeutic Services Team, you’ll be working in both our educational and residential settings, delivering high standards of professional practice to ensure that each young person’s health, personal, social and emotional needs are met.

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  • Senior Therapist / Nurse

    As a senior Nurse or Therapist, you’ll have day to day responsibility for the leadership and management of your team. Role modelling best practice to promote a person-centred caring environment and high standards of professional practice which enable each young person’s health, personal, social and emotional needs to be met.

    You’ll be ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and building effective relationships across the organisation and with statutory bodies such as OFSTED Social Care and the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

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  • Clinical / Safeguarding Lead

    As part of the Educational Leadership Team, our Clinical and Safeguarding Leads are responsible for creating and delivering the overall strategy and plans for their services. Using approaches such as TEACCH and Positive Behaviour Management, the services you deliver will keep all our young people safe and give them access to support which will help them to lead healthy, happy and independent lives, even after leaving Prior’s Court.

    You’ll be managing team members and budgets, and training parents and other school staff to help us achieve outstanding levels of practice that give our young people a voice and the best chance of achieving their goals.

  • Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager

    Our Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager leads on organisational compliance by maintaining a care quality assurance system. Monitoring and reporting on both statutory measures and Prior's Court specific approaches, such as TEACCH, Positive Behaviour Management and Waking Day Curriculum, which are fundamental to ensuring quality outcomes for our young people.

    With a deep understanding of legislation surrounding our Children’s Home and Young Adult Provision, you’ll work alongside the Care Management Team providing information, direction and support to help us achieve outstanding levels of practice.

  • Director of Residential Care

    As part of the Executive team the Director of Residential Care is responsible for creating and delivering the overall organisational strategy for the delivery of care. In conjunction with the Director of Education, developing the Prior Approach model and associated autism tools and techniques across all young people programmes. 

    Challenging operational management to ensure every young person and team member is being stretched to achieve outcomes beyond our imagination.