Prior's Court and a college have joined forces to provide Health and Social Care students the opportunity to further their knowledge, learn more about autism and explore a career in the autism sector.

New College Swindon T Level Health and Social Care students have been invited to insight days hosted at Prior's Court throughout 2024/25 to learn more about the autistic young people with complex needs we support and our approach to learning.

This provided the students with more knowledge about autism, traits such as sensory processing, and the simple things that can be done to better support autistic young people with complex needs.

From this knowledge, the students were able to create activities for the young people at Prior's Court which have been used by staff members within our residential homes.

Feedback from students involved has included:

  • “I want to keep my options open so this has definitely made me think if it is something I might want to go into in the future”

  • “It has made me feel more open and understanding of society and especially people with complex needs and autism.”

Clémence Muller, our Entry Level Talent Coach who has been leading the project, said: "This has been a brilliant collaboration as it gave students insight into Prior’s Court but most importantly widen their knowledge about different types of care settings.

"The days provided the students with some soft skills too - talking to professionals, working as part of a team, and problem-solving creatively."

The insight days have directly led to two attendees signing up to our industry placement opportunities, further students exploring applying to work with us and even one of New College Swindon's lecturers taking on a fundraising bungee jump in aid of our work.

Sarah Woodrow, HSC Lecturer at New College Swindon, said: "This was a tremendous experience, giving students a fascinating insight into living and working with autism. Many students are now considering this an option when thinking about future careers.

"The pitch of the sessions was perfect and there was a range of theory and practical tasks. The tour was a big favourite as a chance to see the wonderful facilities at Prior's Court."

Clémence added: "This is a programme we are looking to explore more in the next academic year with other colleges."

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