As part of the curriculum, young people are encouraged to learn about new cultures and celebrate key religious and national celebrations and events throughout the year. Our curriculum provides opportunities to explore cultures through creative activities and sensory experiences, as well as developing motor and social skills.

The learning environment supports and encourages different cultures and religions to enable young people, through drama, music, art, literature, and cultural events to reflect on their own beliefs and significance. Here are some examples of the events and festivals we celebrate:

  • Chinese New Year - February
  • Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday - February
  • St Patrick's Day - March
  • Eid - March/April
  • Easter - March
  • St George's Day - April
  • Diwali - October/November
  • Halloween - October
  • Remembrance - November
  • Thanksgiving - November
  • Christmas - December

Our adapted curriculum enables young people to develop an understanding of their own culture and other cultures in their town, region and in the country as a whole, in a way which suits their learning requirements and cognitive ability.

Around the World Day

Every year the Lower School enjoys an 'Around the World' theme day. This event enables students to experience cultures from across countries the globe via arts activities and food. See the video below to find out more about the experience day held in March 2022.

Further information

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What we do - Celebrating cultures

With consent, we share many photos and videos of our young people celebrating cultural events on our social media: 

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