Two members of the Prior’s Court team have demonstrated the power of our innovative data platform, Prior Insight, to an audience at the University of Oxford.

Bryn Dunn and Luke Garland (pictured below) are completing a Degree Apprenticeship in Digital Healthcare Science at the University of Warwick, with the hands-on learning aspect of their course taking place at Prior’s Court.

In April, the pair gave a presentation, via Zoom, to the Collaborating Centre for Values-Based Practice, based at St Catherine’s College at the University of Oxford, in front of an audience that included professors, doctors, course directors and chief executive officers.

Prior Insight harnesses the power of modern digital technology to record and present large amounts of data, to provide insights into the complexities of autism, enabling a better understanding and mapping of behaviours. Through a better understanding, we are able to predict behaviour and make positive interventions where needed to help our young people have more good days. 

Bryn and Luke said: “The presentation was titled ‘Predicting What Matters Using Big Data’ and was based around how the large quantity of data collected on Prior Insight can be used to inform shared decision making.

“We introduced Prior’s Court, our roles within the Prior Insight team and the content of our degree; we then discussed case studies which had been produced to improve the lives of the young people.”

“Finally, we discussed how decision making amongst the various stakeholders in the young people’s lives, can be informed by reports from the data collected.”

The opportunity to deliver the presentation came about thanks to Professor Ed Peile, the designer of the degree apprenticeship course.

The presentation is available to watch on YouTube.

Degree Apprenticeship role at Prior's Court

Bryn and Luke joined Prior’s Court in January.

Speaking about the degree apprenticeship as a whole, the pair said: “The course content and the work we have done at Prior’s Court have been very interesting so far.”

“During our observations everyone across the site have been very welcoming and have given us a great insight into the work they do.“

“Working alongside Prior Insight, it has been great to see the work that has been done so far and the potential for future growth.”