Developing independent living skills and choice-making skills are key components of our aims for the autistic young people in our Young Adult Provision, for those aged 19 to 25.

An example of this is a recent shopping trip taken by young adult Oliver to The Oracle in nearby Reading where he picked out some new clothes for his wardrobe, and chose a meal choice before sitting down outside to listen to some music being played in the evening sunshine.

Explaining how Oliver was supported throughout this trip, Robin Cottage Team Manager Natasha said: "Oliver has a clear schedule that we used with all the symbols for the different aspects of the journey.

"While in the shop myself and [fellow staff member] Freya allowed Oliver to have a wonder round and looked at what he was browsing and taking an interest in. Once he stopped in an area, we held up some of the items and Oliver would point to the ones he wanted.

"As you can see from the photo the blue Dory top took his eye immediately and he stared at it the whole way around the queue.

"Oliver then went to McDonald's where he was given the option of burger or chicken nuggets and he chose chicken nuggets.

"To support this trip myself and Freya used a mixture of symbols and verbal language as we are encouraging Oliver to use his voice more to ask for what he wants."

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