There are currently 12 residential homes at Prior’s Court School.

All homes are designed to provide a comfortable and homely environment that is also autism-specific and suited to the age and needs of the children and young people living there.

Homes are carefully organised with clearly defined areas (e.g. for socialising, play and relaxation, food preparation, group or individual activities), and visual and physical structure in place as appropriate to support and encourage independence.

Young people are assessed and grouped according to age, ability and compatibility and each is provided with accommodation which is varied to reflect a range of needs.

Some of the residential homes are purpose-built and designed to provide a more spacious environment, while other homes are smaller and better suited to those young people who prefer a small group home. All have an enclosed garden, a living room and an area for activities. Many have a separate quiet room or sensory room.

interior of young persons bedroomEvery young person has their own bedroom which they are encouraged to personalise, including the use of soft furnishings, pictures, toys or music, computer equipment and other items. Epilepsy monitoring systems are provided, where required.

Each home has a shared kitchen and dining room, or dining area, for snack and meal preparation, as part of the young people’s Daily Living Skills development. Meals are also taken in our spacious, purpose-built main dining room which enables young people to eat with their class and house as family groups in a social setting. Kitchens and dining areas within each house and in the main dining room are carefully structured to encourage and support young people’s developing independence. Staff eat with young people to model behaviour.

Homes have either en-suite or shared bathrooms - the latter is only in single-sex homes.

One of our homes provides two self-contained living and learning facilities specifically designed to support young people during a period of additional need or crisis.

All homes are able to access a wide range of facilities for learning and leisure across the main Prior’s Court site.

Our Young Adult Provision accommodation