The Prior's Court Research Programme was set up in 2019 with the aim of working with partners on research projects which have the potential to further inform our practice and thereby further improve the outcomes for young people at Prior’s Court.

We hope the findings of these projects will also help to shape policy and sector development, potentially improving outcomes for young people with autism from across the country.

Research opportunities are open to both Prior’s Court staff and external applicants, including Masters and PhD students, who wish to conduct formal research exploring a diversity of autism research topics.

Research partners will be able to work with Prior’s Court staff who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the sector and our ground-breaking Prior Insight digital operations system which allows us to collect hundreds of thousands of pieces of data annually.

A programme will also be developed to collate the findings of research projects which have an impact on best practice. The language used in these findings will be adapted to be more accessible to those who would benefit from reading these findings.

Autism Research Board

A Research Board is responsible for setting the strategy for the Research Programme and ensuring that it fits with the overall strategy of the organisation. This includes establishing that any research adheres to a strict policy on ethics, follows legislation and established guidance, has potential benefit to young people with complex needs, and that proposals are consistent with our established Prior Approach methodology.

If you'd like to find out more about the Research Programme at Prior's Court or would like to receive an Application and Ethical Review Form to apply to undertake a research study at Prior’s Court, please get in touch:

t: +44 (0)1635 247202 

e: [email protected] 

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Supporting documents
Research at Prior's Court - Accessible format

Completed Research Studies
Could light colour and source change mood in children with autism?
Could light colour and source change mood in children with autism? - Easy read research summary report
A multimodal ‘Talking Wall’ to facilitate pupil voice at Prior’s Court
A multimodal 'Talking Wall' to facilitate pupil voice at Prior's Court - Easy read research summary report

Research Studies in Development
The Impact of Industry 4.0 on Social Care - A literature review
To understand if the Positive Youth Development Framework is feasible as a structure to investigate post Prior's Court transition

Research board newsletters
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Research Matters - Prior's Court Research Board and Programme Update April 2020