The wider community can now contribute to the vocational skills learning of young people with complex autism with a new made-to-order offering for a range of products.

Young people on our Trade Skills programme of learning are developing and practicing skills in areas such as the use of hand and power tools, and making 3D objects.

On the Trade Skills programme, a range of products including mosaic-patterned tables, garden planters and domino clocks are made during sessions, which have gone to be sold in a store in the centre of Reading run by Artisans Handmade UK.

Now, these items, and more, can be made-to-order, with West Berkshire residents able to place orders.

Nikki Smith, Vocational Teacher in Trade Skills, said: “We have been blown away by the reaction to our products when they have been on-sale in the store in Reading and so it felt right to launch this service.

“Our young people will be involved in the production of every single item ordered through this service.

“By placing an order, you are giving our young people a meaningful opportunity for them to develop, practice and generalise skills which are crucial factors in their future independence and ability to enter the world of work.”

What is available

The full range of items available are:



Mosaic table

Price on Application (POA)

Domino clock




Upcycled chest of drawers


Coat hooks


Garden planters

Various sizes POA

Bird feeder




For images of the items and more information about them, see our online brochure here.

To place an order, email [email protected].

Young person with Autism Practitioner creating items in vocational learning

Vocational learning at Prior's Court

Vocational learning lessons for our post-16 young people are focused specifically on developing, practicing and generalising vocational skills which are geared towards helping our young people to secure employment in the future.

Monies from every sale will be used by our staff to purchase more raw materials for new products, ensuring our young people continue to develop and generalise their vocational skills.

Skills learnt include following instructions and manufacturing techniques, while the trade-based skills that go into make the products can be used both at work and at home in the future.

For more information about vocational learning at Prior's Court, click here.