One Prior’s Court young adult is flying high after being empowered to travel on an aeroplane for the very first time.

Shaun, who lives in our Young Adult Provision, went on a short-haul flight from London Heathrow to Manchester at the beginning of June.

But the preparations have been months in the making to support Shaun to have the best possible experience.

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Two staff members from Prior’s Court travelled with Shaun who spent four days and three nights in Manchester before successfully taking a return flight home.

Santi Martinez Parra, Team Manager in Robin Cottage where Shaun lives, said: “For autistic people with complex needs, air travel can be very daunting. There are sensory issues to overcome in the airport and on the plane itself. There is the unknown and uncertainty around being in a new place and new experiences such as security checks.

“But this is why we started planning this so early so Shaun had the best possible chance of having a successful trip.

“Shaun is sadly moving on from Prior’s Court this summer. But what this experience gives him and his family is a possible step towards travelling overseas on holiday together in the future.”

During his four-day sojourn to Manchester, Shaun:

Check out a video montage of Shaun’s holiday: