World Autism Acceptance Week 2024 is looming and, this year, Prior’s Court has more going on than ever before.

Throughout April, Prior’s Court is hosting a wide range of events to keep World Autism Acceptance Week going for a whole month.

Highlights include:

Click on an event above to get more information and details on how to sign up to attend. There is no charge to attend these events.

Other events taking place throughout the month include:

Click above for more information about these events.

Elsewhere, supporters from a range of organisations are getting involved in work with us, including:

And some fundraisers will be going the extra mile (quite literally in some cases) by:

And, thanks to Norfolk Music Hub, our “anthem for autism” Let Me Shine is getting another lease of life as educational settings across Norfolk are being challenged to learn the song during World Autism Acceptance Week 2024.

For World Autism Acceptance Week, we're asking you to take just 15 minutes to learn more about the young people we support. You could:

Watch one of our short films focusing on parent experiences of having an autistic child with complex needs

Watch a short film about what it is like to be a sibling of an autistic person with complex needs

Read more about our approach to learning in action  to explore why and how we deliver learning in the way we do to support our learners

Check out a panel discussion of our staff members and parents of Prior’s Court young people

Or, if you want to find out more, attend one of the above on-site talks every Friday morning in April