Here at Prior’s Court we're extremely fortunate to be able to offer year-round volunteering opportunities for small groups, through to larger groups of up to 50 people for team building.

Our volunteering calendar highlights all the available options for the year, with details of when the task needs to be completed by, how many people are required and how long we think the task will take. Volunteering is offered on a first come, first served basis although priority will be given to those organisations with whom we have an ongoing partnership.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for teams to see first-hand the incredible work that Prior’s Court does, whilst giving employees the chance to engage with our young people.

It’s important to us that Cisco employees have opportunities to support the local community. Working with Prior’s Court not only helps us to add value, but is also a great way for the teams to come together and build stronger relationships. Past volunteers have enjoyed their time at Prior’s Court and have been able to get hands on with varied tasks. From small groups to large, there’ve been options for everyone. And the days have been very easy to plan and have run very efficiently.

If you’d like more information about volunteering please get in touch with the Fundraising team.

Contact our Fundraising Team

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