At Prior’s Court, we're extremely fortunate that we can offer year-round corporate volunteering opportunities on our 50-acre site in Berkshire. These are suitable for small groups of five, through to larger groups of up to 20 people.

Please note our volunteering slots for 2024 are now full. If you would like to know about opportunities in 2025 then please get in touch (details below).

We need your help with projects that enhance living and learning areas for the young people we support. Past projects have included planting apple trees in our orchard, creating a new path in our Woods, decorating residential homes and classrooms, renovating gardens, painting, and weeding our animal therapy paddocks, and more.

A volunteering day typically starts with a welcome briefing from our Fundraising Officer, Aimee Hoyle, with tea and coffee. This is followed by four to five hours working on the project(s), a tour of the site, and the opportunity for a Q&A. We want to invite volunteers into the world of the autistic young people we support and really give you a deep understanding of what challenges and barriers they face in day-to-day life due to their complex needs. We know volunteers will leave feeling satisfied you have made life even just a little bit easier or enriching for the young people.

We realised how much we could help by just volunteering for a few hours compared to how long it would have taken the grounds team to get it done without any help. The day was great, well organised and it was so good to support a local charity that truly benefitted from us being there. It was also a fantastic way to get out and interact with other members of the company that I wouldn’t always get the chance to speak to

Feedback from a Vodafone volunteer

Volunteering with us is a fantastic opportunity for teams to see first-hand the incredible work that Prior’s Court does. It also gives your employees the chance to engage with each other, socialise outside of the office (or see each other in person after long stints of working from home!) and achieve your corporate social responsibility goals.

Volunteering is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. However, priority will be given to organisations with whom we have an ongoing partnership, or an opportunity to get involved further with the life-transforming work we do for autistic young people with complex needs.

Take a look through our frequently asked questions here for more information and get in touch with our Fundraising team to schedule a chat to find out more about how we can work together.

Please note our volunteering slots for 2024 are now full. If you would like to know about opportunities in 2025 then please get in touch.

It’s important to us that Cisco employees have opportunities to support the local community. Working with Prior’s Court not only helps us to add value but is also a great way for the teams to come together and build stronger relationships. Past volunteers have enjoyed their time at Prior’s Court and have been able to get hands on with varied tasks. From small groups to large, there has been options for everyone. And the days have been very easy to plan and have run very efficiently.

Cisco volunteer

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Thank you

Thank you to these amazing groups who have volunteered with us in the past 12 months. We genuinely couldn’t do it without you, we have limited resources to keep the grounds and the buildings safe and engaging for the young people that call this site home, you have made a real tangible difference that we wouldn’t have been able to provide on our own.

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