A dedicated member of the Prior’s Court team is in the running for an award in recognition of his work transforming the lives of young people with complex autism.

Senior Autism Practitioner Tim Gilks has been named as one of four finalists in BBC Radio Berkshire’s Make A Difference Awards.

BBC Radio Berkshire will be hosting a special afternoon tea and awards ceremony at Reading Town Hall on September 2nd the overall winner for each category will be announced.

The awards winners will be chosen by a panel of four judges.

Tim has worked at Prior's Court for more than three years across a number of our residential homes, and supports young people by playing in the Prior's Court Band.

Tim said: “It was a huge surprise to hear that I had been nominated, let alone be a finalist.

“I’m just really proud. I don’t know who nominated me, but it shows someone values the work that I do and that is a very pleasing thing to know. But I’m also grateful for the teams around me in the houses I’ve worked in as this is the kind of job where being a strong team is hugely important.

“Working as residential member of staff means I build up such strong bonds with our young people – it is such a rewarding role, albeit with its challenges.”

The Make A Difference awards are run by each of the BBC’s local radio stations.

The carer category award will be given to “someone who improves the life of an individual or group of people by caring for them on a regular basis”.

Ben Calder, Tim’s manager and House Manager for Fleming House, said: “Tim is a superb practitioner – knowledgeable, patient, empathetic, caring – as well as being an excellent member of the house team with his supportive nature and teamworking skills.

“He rightly deserves to be a finalist in these awards and the whole team is hoping he wins.

“Tim is not the only amazing staff member at Prior’s Court – so many people are making a difference to the lives of our young people day in, day out.”

What parents of our young people think of Tim

I wish Tim the best of luck, he is certainly one of the best people who ever worked with Yusef and we appreciate his experience and work very much. What’s very special about Tim’s approach is how keen he is to know his young people very well, and always engaging with families. Our children sense and appreciate people like Tim, who genuinely cares about them.
-Hend Rahman, mother of Prior's Court young person Yusef

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