Family partnerships

We consider our relationships with the families of young people at Prior's Court to be partnerships.

Parents/carers are involved in discussions at all stages of a young person's stay with us and are supported throughout by relevant staff including keyworkers, home managers and teachers.

Training and information sessions take place throughout the year, and there are opportunities for families to meet staff and get involved in school events, such as sports days and assemblies.

We aim to provide extra support at the times families and young people most need it – such as when joining, leaving, changing placement (e.g. from day to residential) and any other key points throughout the time with us.

Supporting parent contact and communications

A family room and an onsite flat are available for parents and families to use to spend time during visits or for overnight stays.

Regular communications include an end of term letter and a newsletter details Prior's Court news and programme of events. All parents are invited to the Statutory Annual Review of their child’s special educational needs. Where appropriate this will be complemented by social services care reviews.

Parents are also able to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see photos and updates about our activity and events and we provide a parent forum to facilitate parent to parent communications.

Arrangements for contact between parents, carers, relatives and friends are agreed during pre-admission visits and detailed in each young person's care plan. Arrangements are individualised to meet the needs of the child and parents/carers. The Prior Insight Parent Portal enables parents to access information directly relating to their child via a secure login.

Staff support young people in making phone calls or video calls to home, using services such as Skype or FaceTime. Key staff will also communicate with parents at a pre-arranged time at least weekly (or more frequently, for example when a child has recently joined Prior's Court).

As parents we have learnt so much from Prior’s Court staff. We have been able to trust the wonderful staff of Prior’s Court with our very precious vulnerable son; the advice and support which we have received has been invaluable.

Parent of a young person at Prior's Court

Information for parents/carers of young people at Prior's Court