Prior’s Court is looking at expanding its partnerships with colleges and universities across the UK to identify opportunities for students to develop their first-hand experiences of the workplace and the opportunity to test their motivation for a particular career.

What can we offer for this partnership?


We are currently working towards creating placements and programmes for students at different stages of their studies and across disciplines. Through our partnerships, we are developing bespoke placements and programmes to offer students.

Interventions/ Guest speaking:

Members of our residential or education teams to come to your institution to raise awareness on autism and inform on career pathways in Health and Social Care by sharing their knowledge and experience. Bespoke presentations or interventions can be created depending on the students’ interest.

Attend employability fairs

We are available to attend employability fairs to speak to students about career pathways in Health and Social care as well as presenting Prior’s Court’s vacancies.

What are the benefits?

- Co-operative approach between colleges and universities, and Prior’s Court to develop and establish outstanding work experience for students

- Contribute to the development of a more diverse workforce, giving opportunities to students from a wide range of backgrounds

- Bringing new and imaginative ideas from students together with existing staff’s knowledge and experience

- Ensure college training reflects the latest industry standards and meets business needs

- Engage a dialogue between Prior’s Court and local training providers

Get in touch

If you think this is something your college or university would be interested in taking part in or would like to know more about this, please contact us at: [email protected]