At Prior's Court, ensuring our young people are able to express their creativity is a big part of our Learning Framework, both in the school and across the Waking Day curriculum. One of the homes at Prior's Court has been going above and beyond to help its young people express their creativity by painting beautiful murals on the windows. 

Wendy Few, Team Manager in Summerhill House, said:

Not only is painting a fantastic sensory session for the young people in the home, but it brightens up the environment and makes it more homely. When the sun shines through the window it also lights up the paint and creates a kind of stained glass effect.

These beautiful creations are regularly changed throughout the year to celebrate all faiths and holidays, from paintings of bunnies at Easter, poppies for Remembrance Day, fireworks for Diwali, and anything else they can think of. Most recently, young person Ethan has been getting involved with painting a dragon and creating floating lanterns for the Chinese New Year. 

In doing this, the young people get to have fun and play with paints while being empowered to explore different religions and cultural events. It also ensures a multicultural learning environment for both staff and young people. All year round these beautiful creations pop up in the window of Summerhill House and are seen by all who walk past them. It is always a treat to see what they come up with.