Our latest corporate volunteer visitors from Kärcher UK peeled off into three teams to maximise their impact during their visit. 

And what an impact the incredible team of 16 volunteers made, getting through an incredible amount of work across the day.

Team Parent Flat

The Parent Flat on our site is an accommodation area the families of the autistic young people we support can use for overnight stays when visiting their child. So it is important that the area looks at its best for guests.

One group of the Kärcher UK volunteers gave the Parent Flat a thorough deep clean inside...

 And a spruce up on the outside too...

Team sculptures

At Prior's Court, we're lucky to have on permanent loan from our Founding Patron Dame Stephanie Shirley an extensive contemporary art and sculptures placed throughout the site.

As many of the sculptures are designed to be a) outdoors and b) interacted with by young people and staff, they can become dirty and weather-beaten.

But, thankfully, another of the volunteer groups got to work across a huge area of our 50-acre rural site to get the artwork and sculptures looking good as new. This is something we usually struggle to achieve in-house as we do not have a way to get power and water to the more remote areas of the site, but thanks to Kärcher's van and trailer kit they were able to get this done!

Team Track

Jet washing and deep cleaning play equipment inside our 0.6km oval Track area was the job for one of the groups, helping to make sure the autistic young people we support are enjoying clean play areas.

This group also got to work widening the play areas and removing overgrown grass to give the young people more space to play.


And there's more!

In addition to their hugely generous gift of time and equipment, the online sales team at Kärcher UK are taking on a epic hike up the mighty Helvellyn in the Lake District on Thursday, 11 July.

The team of eight will be tackling the 5-hour hike to raise funds for Prior's Court for a project to be confirmed.

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A huge thank you to the Kärcher UK for their mammoth efforts on the visit - your work makes a huge difference to life at Prior's Court.