Physical exercise is a significant part of our specialist approach (the Prior Approach) for supporting young people with complex autism, which enables them to reach their full potential. So much so, Healthiness is one of our seven Areas of Learning.

Within the Healthiness Area of Learning, in 2023/24, enrichment sessions were introduced in Term 3 with a focus during Terms 3 and 4 on climbing and trampolining. 

The Healthiness team has been rotating young people through the session to give as broad exposure as possible across the site to the activities.

For the team, climbing has been an eye-opening experience, particularly seeing how young people have successfully transitioned from our own small on-site climbing walls to climbing centres in Newbury and Reading, and participating in some challenging climbs. The view of the team is that there are some very talented climbers who with the right guidance can really progress in the sport.

With trampolining, rebound therapy is offered on-site. But there has been a push to get to off-site trampolining parks, with visits to Red Kangaroo in Reading a success. The young people attending have grown in confidence as the weeks have passed. One highlight is one young person going from not being able to transition off the minibus to successfully entering the trampoline park and visibly having a good time.

The plan is to continue with these enrichment activity offerings over the two remaining terms of the year and continue to monitor young person skill progression.