Prior's Court is gearing up to win another award when we come up against formidable competition in the Smiley Charity Film Awards with a film about our incredible founder being entered.

Following a triumphant showing at the awards earlier this year, Prior's Court has submitted an entry into the 2024 Smiley Charity Film Awards, titled 'My Name is Dame Stephanie Shirley' with votes now being taken to make the shortlist for the awards.

The film delves into the extraordinary narrative of our Founding Patron, affectionately known as ‘Steve' and how she came to found Prior's Court.

A child refugee who fled Nazi Germany and arrived in England at the age of five without her parents, Dame Stephanie went on to establish an all-woman software company that revolutionised remote working and reshaped the expectations and opportunities for women in the workforce. The company, ultimately valued at almost $3 billion, created 70 millionaires among its staff. Since her 'retirement,' Dame Stephanie has dedicated her efforts to philanthropy, with a particular focus on autism and IT.

Vote for Prior's Court in the Smiley Charity Film Awards

The film, seen above, highlights Dame Stephanie’s late son, Giles was autistic with complex needs and has been the inspiration behind her philanthropic work in the field of autism. Prior’s Court is one of three autism-focused charities founded by Dame Stephanie. 

In the short film, Dame Stephanie describes Prior's Court as ‘what I would’ve wanted for my Giles.’

At the 2023 Smiley Charity Film Awards, Prior's Court clinched the People’s Choice Award in our turnover category for a short film, ‘Autism, The Performing Arts and Me,’ surpassing competition from well-known charities such as Breast Cancer NowSamaritans and Diabetes UK.

In this emotionally charged film, the family of Jamie, a young adult at Prior's Court, sheds light on how engagement in the performing arts has not only provided him with extraordinary experiences, such as recording a single at Abbey Road, but has also brought transformative changes to his day-to-day life. The film underscores the charity’s ongoing appeal to construct a tailor-made, autism-friendly Performing Arts Centre.

You can watch the film here where you can also cast your vote to support Prior's Court in the Smiley Charity Film Awards.