Technology to open the way for enhanced understanding of the world of autism

The complex nature of the young people at Prior’s Court requires information to be collected on every aspect of their lives, information that enables us to track the progress they make and informs us about ways in which we can improve this progress and the outcomes they achieve. 

Yet, in common with residential and special schools across the UK, we have historically relied on multiple outmoded, paper-based data collection and storage systems that make reporting and analysis difficult because no integrated digital recording and reporting system yet exists.

Prior’s Court has the opportunity to develop the first digital whole organisational recording and reporting system for children and young people with autism - Prior Insight. 

Prior's Court CEO, Mike Robinson explains why there is a need for this technology:

Autism is a complex condition. The fundamental question ‘Why does someone with autism have a good day or a bad day?’ is a difficult one to answer. For the young people at Prior’s Court who are severely affected by autism, often with other complex coexisting conditions, it is almost impossible to answer. We believe that by applying the power of being able to collect and analyse large quantities of data to this problem, we will be able to start to answer the question.


Student blowing bubbles at PC Festival 2018Harnessing the power of modern digital technology to store and interrogate large amounts of data, this system will provide new insights into the complexities of autism, enabling a better understanding and mapping of autistic behaviours. Through a better understanding, we will be able to predict behaviour and intervene where needed. 

The project consists of 8 phases over 3+ years following a rigorous process. When complete, it will not only improve outcomes for young people with autism, but will also allow Prior's Court to improve operational effectiveness.

The technology to achieve this is not cutting edge but it is the practical application and the need to apply it to the whole organisation which is key. Prior’s Court has chosen to partner with an organisation in the adult care sector which has developed and is operating a system delivering this today. We are working with them to customise it for the world of education and residential care for children with autism.

Mike Robinson, CEO


In addition to its fundamental purpose of improving the quality of life for young people with autism, Prior Insight will also transform the way Prior’s Court operates and we anticipate the impact for our young people and the wider autism community will be immense, based on:

  • a better understanding of how to have more good days
  • more face to face interaction with staff
  • a speedier understanding of why things happen
  • leading to happier young people, better able to thrive and learn.

Prior Insight proposal - front pageFor a more detailed understanding of the project and its importance for our young people, please read the project proposal here.


With our long history of innovation, reputation for excellence, support for research and as one of the largest providers of residential care and education for children and young people with severe autism in the UK, Prior’s Court is uniquely placed to deliver Prior Insight. 

If you can help us realise the ambition to deliver this unique recording system to help all young people severely affected by autism, please donate or contact the Fundraising Team for more information: [email protected]


Thank you for your support!