This casestudy was first published in 2020

In September 2019,  drumming sessions were added to the Prior's Court school curriculum. The sessions feature Conga-style drums and are led by Autism Practitioner and musician Tomson Chauke, with the aim being for our young people, who have complex autism and learning difficulties, to be able to express themselves musically.

Within a handful of workshops, some of our young people taking part (aged up to around 14-years-old) were already recalling and reciting rhythms and sequences learnt at a previous session. Their enthusiasm for what they were learning stretched to them reciting the sequences while in their classroom.

The impact the sessions could have on our young people was already being seen.

More than two years previously, two of our young people - Jamie and Jessica - were at the same stage as those on the new workshops were in September 2019.

Read the case study below about Jamie and Jessica's progress:

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