We’ve been sent some incredible videos of one of our former young people who has recently taken to the track for a driving experience.

The parents of Jamie Jackson, who was one of the very first people to attend Prior’s Court, got in touch with a team member at Prior's Court to share photos and videos of him on a driving experience where he took a Corvette around a racing circuit in Essex.

Jamie’s dad Terry bought him the driving experience for his 33rd birthday in March, but it was not until August Jamie was able to go on the experience.

Jamie, who is non-verbal, had never driven a car before – his only experience at the wheel of a vehicle was on a family holiday to Turkey many years ago when he and Terry co-drove a go-kart.

Terry said: “I was quite nervous, but the instructor just told me not to worry – he was excellent in how he worked with Jamie. Jamie took the car around four laps of the track and he was brilliant.

“He amazed us all – the manner in which he got out of the car like ‘what’s all the fuss about’ was priceless.

“I never would have imagined him doing something like this.”

Jamie’s parents wanted us to share the photos and videos so Prior’s Court staff can see what Jamie is up to now and so that the parents of our current young people can see what people affected by severe autism are capable of.

Jamie now lives in Autism Anglia-run accommodation in Colchester where he lives with one other person affected by autism. They are supported by five carers and Jamie has been in this accommodation since he was 21.

Jamie’s mum Gill said: “I never thought I’d see Jamie doing something this. He has been kayaking recently with Euan, one of his amazing carers. He’s been such a lucky young man to have had so many dedicated people getting him to where he is today.

“We are all so amazed with the things JJ can do given the opportunity.”

His time at Prior’s Court really was the making of him and I do not have words to express my gratitude.

Terry, Jamie's Dad