One of our member's staff has appeared in a Parliamentary debate about the needs of the workforce supporting children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). 

Sara Evans, Project Lead at Prior's Court, had responded to a questionnaire for a Westminster Hall Debate discussing Specialist workforce for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

In these debates, members of the public who have signed relevant petitions or are subscribed to parliamentary newsletters are invited to share their experiences and ideas.

These are passed on to the MP leading the debate, who may refer to them directly in their speeches. which is exactly what happened with Sara's contributions.

Sara's points triggered a discussion of the importance of specialists such as Speech and Language Therapists and Physical Therapists, issues with regards to recruitment and retention across the sector, with Geraint Davies, MP for Swansea West and the leader of this debate, using several of Sara's points in his discussion. 

"I feel that our voice is being heard on behalf of all SEND children and vulnerable adults who don't always have a voice of their own."

Sara Evans, Project Lead at Prior's Court

Read or watch the debate on the UK Parliament website