Prior's Court's on-site Nursing team has been praised for supporting a project about improving the ear health of young people in residential special schools.

On Wednesday, 23 August, NHS England visited our site to complete the second wave of the trial for the Ears Check Tool which aims to support school staff across the country in preparing young people for an ear check, to be able to identify hearing needs and provide information if a specialist audiologist is needed.

The visit, pictured above, was to look at and implement an assessment tool to assist with the audiology assessment trial Prior's Court's nurses completed over the last year. 

Natalie Boothroyd, our Head of Young People’s Wellbeing. said:

As well as helping young people in residential special school across the country by taking part in the trial, particpation has also been a tremendous success for us. It has allowed us to identify young people with hearing impairments, treatment availability for build-up of wax or infections. This has made an impact on the young people here directly in a positive way as it opened the pathways for medical intervention with other health providers.

The Nursing team, based in our on-site Health & Wellbeing Hub, and its support for this trial was specifically highlighted in our Ofsted care report earlier this year.