A team of remarkable runners representing Prior's Court have pounded the pavements of London to raise an incredible amount of money.

Sunday, 2 April saw our seven spectacular runners complete the London Landmarks Half Marathon to raise money in support of our work supporting young people with complex autism.

The seven have been training tirelessly over the last few months to get ready for the 13.1 mile challenge, and this training definitely paid off as they all completed the half marathon.

Our runners - Jenny Peacock, Chris Sturm, Kaitlin Lawrence, Tomson Chauke, Claudine Osso, Jack Clark, and Jo Lovelock - have so far between them managed to raise nearly £7,000! They still need your help though so they can grow that number even more.  

This was our first year taking part and it just so happened to fall on World Autism Acceptance Day, during World Autism Acceptance Week, a fact which many of our runners have said had inspired them, even more, to keep training and work harder. 

Our runners were: 

  • Jenny Peacock, Learning & Development Manager at Prior’s Court – To donate, please check out her justgiving page. Jenny’s finishing time: 2:26:53 
  • Chris Sturm, Autism Practitioner at Prior’s Court - To donate to him, check out his justgiving page. Chris’s finishing time: 1:47:29 
  • Kaitlin Lawrence, Sister of a young adult who lives at Prior’s Court - To donate, please check out her justgiving page. Kaitlin’s finishing time: 2:04:06 
  • Tomson Chauke, Autism Practitioner at Prior’s Court – To donate, please check out his justgiving page. Tomson’s finishing time: 2:48:11
  • Claudine Osso, Team Manager at Prior’s Court - To donate please, check out her justgiving page. Claudine’s finishing time: 2:24:46 
  • Jack Clark, brother of a young person who lives at Prior’s Court – To donate, please check out his justgiving page. Jack’s finishing time: 1:45:17 
  • Jo Lovelock – Learning & Wellbeing Manager at Prior’s Court - To donate, please check out her justgiving page. Jo’s finishing time: 2:09:18 

Find out how the money raised for Prior's Court is used

A huge thank you goes out to all of our runners, and congratulations on completing the London Landmarks Half Marathon.

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