One family’s deep and personal connection with Prior’s Court has continued after a legacy donation from the great aunt of one of our former young people.

Margaret Caine, known as Meg, who passed away in March this year was the great aunt of one of our young people, Patrick, who transitioned on from Prior’s Court in 2020 after seven years with us.

Meg, pictured, left a donation in her will to Prior’s Court which, her family says, is in recognition of the life-altering impact Prior’s Court had on her whole family, not just Patrick as an individual.

Ian Murray, Patrick’s dad and Meg’s nephew, said: “Prior’s Court provided a safe, consistent, structured environment which was full of happiness and fun. It allowed Patrick to grow and mature into the lovely young man he is now.

“For Patrick, Prior’s Court was home, a place he grew in as a person and learnt many new skills is a safe, loving and happy environment

“It also allowed us to identify more clearly the structure and environment Patrick needed to be in to ensure he continues to develop and enjoy life in the future.

“We will always feel part of the Prior’s Court family.

“My aunt left money to Prior’s Court because she always admired the outstanding work they did with Patrick and many young people like him. She wanted to contribute to the continuation of that work with others like Patrick in the future

“We will always maintain a relationship with Prior’s Court for many reasons. But the two things that really spring to mind are the feeling of Prior’s Court being a family that we will always will be part of, and secondly the place of Prior’s Court as a centre for excellence for autism that can offer so much expertise in helping autistic people through their often challenging route through lifePatrick Murray

“My aunt had a real sense of fun right up to the end of her life - she was lucky never to suffer from any age-related mental challenges and was still joking and laughing right up to passing away in her sleep. A complete legend and a life well lived.”

Karen White, our Head of Fundraising, said: “Leaving a gift in your will is such a special way of supporting a charity that is close to your heart, and we are truly grateful that Margaret chose to remember us with this donation. 

“Patrick (pictured) and his wider family will always be part of Prior’s Court, and this gift from Margaret will help us to ensure that other young people with complex autism can continue to lead healthy, happy and more independent lives.”

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