Last week saw a surprise celebration to mark the 20th anniversary for one our staff.

Ruth is one of just four people working at Prior's Court to reach this landmark. 

On Tuesday last week, an event was held in Bradbury Hall for Ruth where she was presented with a framed dove collage featuring photos of all of the young people who have been at Prior’s Court over the past 20 years.

Ruth was also presented with a handmade necklace and flowers at the event attended by a number of staff members.

Reflecting on her landmark anniversary, Ruth said: “From my perspective the best part of working at Prior’s Court over the last 20 years has been the opportunity to work with and learn from so many amazing young people, families and staff (past and present).  It doesn’t feel like 20 years until I realise that the young people I first worked with at Prior’s Court are now mid 30s – hearing about their continued progress is fantastic and shows that the difference we can make lasts and that our young people really can fly when given the right support.   

“I’ve been very lucky that Prior’s Court has given me the opportunity to work in a variety of teams and places but my highlights over the years would be getting the opportunity to be a keyworker for the first time to a very cheeky and lively young man called Andrew, working as Home Manager (Head of House in those days!) for Charlotte House, supporting the opening of the young adult provision and getting to watch the progress of the young people in the bakery.  Personally my other highlights have been being part of the amazing TEACCH training team over the years and finishing my Masters in Autism.

“I’m very proud to work at Prior’s Court and I will never forget what one of our parents once said when she was talking about how special Prior’s Court was – that it is a place where her son could be himself and that we always talked about and celebrated what he could do rather than start with his challenges and what he couldn’t do.  Prior’s Court has changed over the 20 years and we’ve got a lot bigger but the respect for each individual and sense of family hasn’t changed.”