A determined dad of a Prior's Court young adult is putting his best foot forward in support of our Performing Arts Centre appeal.

Duff Borer is running the Royal Parks Half Marathon in London on Sunday, 8th October, and is gathering sponsorship for the challenge in aid of Prior’s Court.

Among the young people supported by Prior’s Court is Duff’s son Fred, 24, who has been with us for more than a decade and will soon be moving on to his adult social care placement.

Duff, pictured with Fred above, said: “Prior’s Court has been incredible in understanding Fred’s complex autism, addressing his behaviours brought on by anxiety and basically making him happy.  That sentence barely does justice to the immense amount of work, effort, patience and knowledge by so many people in the 10-plus years Fred has been there. 

“Previously, I have run half marathons in support of The Fred Foundation, a tiny charity I helped set up to help families with children with autism and named after Fred.  Prior's Court always seemed a much bigger enterprise altogether but this year, Fred's last at Prior’s Court, I have decided to run for them instead.”

Fred is in residential care at Prior’s Court due to the complex nature of his autism meaning the family home was no longer the best place for him to live – like the other 70 plus young people currently supported by Prior’s Court.

Duff, who lives in Jordans near Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, is fundraising for our Performing Arts Centre appeal, which will feature adapted facilities to support young people with complex autism to access opportunities in music, dance and drama and the life-enriching benefits this provides.

Visit Duff's JustGiving page to make a donation

Individuals with autism face many barriers to accessing the arts – from light and noise sensitivities to understanding of social rules – and one aim of the centre is to mimic theatre environments to prepare young people to access arts venues in the community successfully. This is in addition to having the opportunity day-to-day to express themselves creatively in a dedicated, bespoke space.

Duff has previously ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon three times, most recently last year, so has experience of the course.

He added: “It is a great event – Autumn in London’s parks with a few landmarks thrown in and a good crowd cheering you on.

“On the day, I’ll be thinking about Fred and the families that have been supported by Prior’s Court – as well as how far there is still to go!”

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