A young person’s transition to his next placement has been successfully completed in a manner most creative – in all senses of the word.

Young person Jamie successfully transitioned from Prior’s Court School to Prior’s Court Young Adult Provision (YAP) at the start of July, which included moving residential home after five years in Summer House.

There was uncertainty with how Jamie would manage this transition due to having shown anxiety around moving. Jamie had also expressed thoughts that becoming a “grown man” meant having to move to London, like characters he had seen on TV and on YouTube videos.

After several multi-disciplinary team meetings, a creative solution was agreed which utilised Jamie’s interest and passion for drama and being on camera.

The solution involved the Prior’s Court Marketing team producing a film of Jamie’s new keyworker Colin Welch, who Jamie had previously worked with in Summer House, exploring his new home, Dove Cottage. Autism Practitioner Colin explained to Jamie about the activities he could do in his new home and what life was like there.

This film can be seen below:

Jamie was then given the opportunity to also be filmed on a transition visit to Dove Cottage, explaining to the camera what was going on.

To then meet Jamie’s wish to present to his parents that his move also marked his transition into adulthood (becoming a “grown man”), he was able to share his videos with them and reassure them he felt ready and confident with his move.

"Creative thinking credits"

Lisa Pothecary, Prior’s Court Care Manager, said: “So much of our approach at Prior’s Court as a whole is tapping into the interests of our young people and Jamie loves the creative arts and being on camera.

“There is a huge amount of creative thinking credit to be given to Speech and Language Therapist Yasmin Taylor, Positive Behaviour Support Lead Nerissa Grant, and Jamie’s past and now present Home Managers Clare Gilmour & Craig Lester. And a thank you to Colin for being such a willing participant in being filmed and Alfie in our Marketing team for his video production efforts.

“Jamie became excitedly and actively involved in the big move, even requesting a removal van from our Estates team!

“This is a tremendous example of teams from across Prior’s Court working together in the best interests of our young people to make what could have been a very challenging transition a successful one.”

The parent's view

Jamie’s parents, Alan and Lindsey Lawrence, said: "Jamie has always struggled with transition and this was an excellent and innovative way of involving him in his move to Dove Cottage.

“Jamie excitedly told us about his move and was keen to show us his new room and the new staff he would be working with.  

“Choosing one of his favourite members of staff, Colin Welch, to be his key worker was a fantastic idea which would be a huge attraction for Jamie.

“It was heart-warming to see the care and thought that went into finding a solution that would help Jamie transition to the Young Adult Provision.

“We are very grateful for the planning that went into making this a smooth transition and cannot wait to see him thrive in the Young Adult Provision.”

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