An important milestone for one of our young people and his family has been achieved, with two of our Residential staffing team going above and beyond to make the special occasion a success.

Felix had an overnight visit home to stay with his parents in Hertfordshire on Friday, 27 August.

While Felix has frequent visits back to the family home, this was his first overnight stay since he joined Prior’s Court in 2016. The path to a successful overnight stay at home for Felix was delayed due to family illness and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Two staff members with a strong connection with Felix, Keely Townsend and Emma Barker, supported the visit on their time off, staying overnight at a nearby hotel to be on hand if Felix’s parents needed them. This was in addition to the huge amount of preparation work which went in to ensure the stay would be successful.

Symbols and schedules were set up for Felix to be informed of the overnight stay, with copies of these also provided to Felix’s parents, Lizzie and Rupert, for subsequent visits.

Felix, Lizzie, Rupert, Keely and Emma together enjoyed a meal out at a restaurant on the evening of the visit, before the Prior’s Court pair then supported Felix through his night-time routine.

Felix’s mum Lizzie said: “Felix has regular visits home but this particular visit felt like such a milestone and a huge achievement for all of us. 

“This would not have been possible without Keely and Emma's support and we are incredibly grateful for their help. The bond they have built up with Felix is very clear and the confidence they inspire in him is wonderful to see. 

“I am constantly in awe of the dedication of staff members at Prior's Court but Keely and Emma should be congratulated for giving up their time and making sure Felix's visit home was a success. They are wonderful people and a credit to Prior's Court.”

Sarah Butcher, our Director of Young People’s Wellbeing, said:

This is exactly what Prior’s Court is about – giving our young people and their families magical moments they may never have thought they would have.

Keely and Emma’s dedication to ensuring Felix’s first overnight stay at the family home since he joined Prior’s Court was inspiring to hear about. Their efforts have given Felix and his family memories to treasure. The whole Prior’s Court family is proud of them.