Our outgoing Chief Executive Officer is preparing for an epic fundraising challenge as part of his farewell to Prior’s Court,

Mike Robinson will be stepping down as our CEO at the end of July after eight years in the post.

Among Mike’s future plans are to spend time hiking in New Zealand and this, coupled with a childhood spent in Bath and his passion for supporting young people with autism, has inspired his farewell fundraiser in aid of Prior’s Court.

“Mike’s Hike” is a multi-day, 60-mile walk for Mike to complete along the Kennet & Avon Canal from Bath to Newbury.

This is a full four days of walking from Tuesday. 27 June to Friday, 30 June so will be quite a challenge for Mike, who is fundraising for our Let Me Shine Performing Arts Centre - a bespoke, groundbreaking facility for young people with complex autism to be able to better access the transformational powers of the performing arts.

Mike said:

I want to raise as much money as I can to support projects which improve the lives of young people with complex autism at Prior’s Court. As CEO, I’ve seen first-hand how the combination of how incredible staff members with expert knowledge alongside bespoke, tailored facilities can truly transform the lives of young people with complex autism. I am hugely passionate about the arts centre appeal and am determined to do what I can to make this facility a reality and so give more young people with complex autism access to the transformational power of the arts.

Mike will be joined along parts of the walk by some staff and young people from Prior’s Court, as well as some familiar faces. It is set to be a fun, challenging and emotional walk that will celebrate the eight incredible years Mike has spent as CEO of Prior’s Court and all he has achieved in that time.

You will be able to track how Mike is getting on during his walk via our website and you can get involved in our Hike with Mike event too -find out more.

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Reflecting on his eight years at Prior’s Court, Mike said:

The last eight years at Prior’s Court has been the most fulfilling experience of my career. It has been truly special to be part of an amazing team of people making such a difference to the lives of an equally amazing group of young people and their families.

Find out more about the Let Me Shine Performing Arts Centre appeal