A new dedicated space is now open to provide information on careers to our young people.

Our new Careers Library has recently opened for our young people in post-16 and Young Adult Provision to make use of.

As part of the Gatsby Benchmarks, we must provide information to our students about job opportunities, the labour market, post-16 options and more careers related insights.

The room supports us to do this in a way that is appropriate for our young people. So there are displays with information about who our Job Coaches are and case studies of recent young people who have had work experience, work placement and paid work successes. There are also suitable books and other visual information, alongside a computer workstation and comfy seats.

Nickie Dunphy, our Careers Lead/Job Coach Coordinator, said: “It is wonderful to be able to see this facility for our young people open and ready for use.

“One of our four key aims for our young people is to empower them to be able to access the world of work. A key approach to this is identifying the work-related skills and interests of our young people as we can then work on these to develop more employer-friendly skills and knowledge.

“The Careers Library will help us to do this by providing more information about career options for our young people.”

A donation from Persimmon Homes allowed us to purchase bean bags and notice boards whilst a bursary from the CDI enabled us to buy a bookcase and to fill it with suitable books for the room.

The room is also set to be used to introduce young people to a library-style amenity, as a step towards visiting a public library for those for whom transitioning to the community might be a challenge.

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