A special picnic was held for Joe last Friday afternoon, attended by his family and members of Prior’s Court staff who have been working with Joe since he joined us in May 2016.

The party picnic featured non-stop music for Joe to indulge one of his favourite passions - dancing - while there was also a spread of food laid on.

During the picnic, Joe was also presented with his graduation gifts – a ‘Class of 2020’ hoodie, a collage of photos from his time at Prior’s Court, a certificate of his ASDAN achievements and a mortarboard. Joe also had a homemade mortarboard brought from home for the occasion!

Joe’s family also brought with them thank you cards, which Joe signed during the picnic, to then pass onto staff members.

For the majority of his time at Prior’s Court, Joe has lived in Todhunter House where staff have enjoyed his cheeky sense of humour and encouraged his passions of music, dancing and swimming.

After a short break at the family home, Joe is moving to his new home and will also start a course at College in September.

We wish you the very best of luck in the future and we will miss him very much.