Last week saw a sensory-story writing competition in Lower School, where thrilling tales were being told across the class rooms with the young people.

Each class had been challenged to prepare their own original story linked to the current Lower School of ‘Celebrations’.

Sue Piper and Luci Malyon visited each class this morning to see the stories being told, with every class doing a superb job with their original tales.

The first visit was to Bonsai where the story revolved around how different young people like different things and that’s OK. Each young person’s favourite thing, including smells, colours, and music, was also experienced by each of their classmates.

In Cedar Class, there was a fantasy journey with six brave knights who encountered dragons, goblins, an enchanted forest and more. Each young person had played their part in making the story and the book, by creating their own coat of arms and rolling a dice to create their story, with teamwork coming to the fore at the end to find the treasure.

Chestnut Class was wonderfully represented by Harry who did some excellent reading as he helped Sue and Luci to find all of the peers in his group who were hiding inside a book which had been made. Each of the hiding places were very special to each young person.

The young people of Palm Class saved Christmas with each of them using their superpowers to rescue the day and find the star to top the Christmas Tree – with staff members also making some guest appearances in the story! Young person Peter said he “loved” the story.

And to Willow Class who were busy celebrating a special young man’s 13th birthday. This involved the whole group making a cake for birthday boy Otto and thinking about all the special things that happen around birthdays.

While Bonsai class was chosen as the winter, there will be treats delivered to all classes in recognition of the outstanding quality of the sensory stories.