Lucinda is an AutSPACEs collaborator, who has given valuable insights to the project since its inception. She has been an important advocate for diverse inclusion and fair remuneration for participatory scientists.

Lucinda, who has presented with the Alan Turing Institute at CogEx, is the mother of an autistic young person with complex needs and learning disabilities who lives at Prior's Court within the Young Adult Provision. She aims to promote acceptance and awareness of individuals, families, and caregivers affected by complex forms of autism and associated needs by giving a voice to their realities.

Lastly, Lucinda cites this recent quote from father, director, writer and teacher, Stephen Unwin:

“In our championing of the many splendid things that so many learning disabled and / or neurodivergent people can do, we must be careful not to marginalise or forget those who can do less.”