Thanks to generous supporters, many of the ambitions and dreams of Prior’s Court have been brought to life and have changed the lives of autistic young people with complex needs.

Here are just a few examples:

Health & Wellbeing Hub

A bespoke hub was built to transform the health and wellbeing of young people now, and for the rest of their lives. The Health and Wellbeing Hub includes a medical treatment room designed to replicate external healthcare settings to enable young people to become more comfortable in these environments and overcome anxieties. Since the opening of the Health & Wellbeing Hub, there has been a 95% – 100% attendance in on-site dental and optician reviews and an 83% success rate of young people receiving the COVID-19 vaccine following previous refusals of immunisations.

The Seasons

The Seasons was built in 2017 as an Autism Living and Learning Centre, enabling a further 13 autistic young people with complex needs to be supported by Prior’s Court. The Seasons was built as a flagship example of how autism awareness can be successfully designed into buildings – and it won an award as a result of this. Since opening, young people living in The Seasons have continued to thrive in this supportive environment.

Bread & Beyond bakery

The Bread & Beyond bakery was opened in 2019. This onsite, professional bakery not only produces extraordinary bread and sweet treats, but it also offers young people the opportunity to experience a working bakery and learn essential life and work skills. 

The bakery has won several awards and the difference to young people who have been involved in the bakery has been clear to see with many young people partaking in regular work placements both at the onsite bakery and off-site bakeries.

Prior Insight

Purchase tablets and phones to gather information for our Prior Insight platform. These tablets and phones allow us to capture and analyse big data to better understand autism and young people and provide more effective interventions.

For one young person, this meant following a sickness bug staff identified that he had an almost phobic response to food. Prior Insight supported a multi-disciplinary approach by providing a platform to analyse data points such as mealtime lengths, fruit and vegetable intakes, the balance of his diet, and reassurance behaviours, in addition to basic data such as weight. See more in this casestudy.

Outdoor play area

young person enjoys swinging on tyre swingOutdoor play and wet weather equipment are essential tools to help young people manage their anxieties and reduce challenging behaviors. Engaging in physical activities such as swinging, climbing, and jumping on trampolines not only promotes physical health but also allows children to develop their coordination and balance. 

Outdoor play and equipment can also be used as a form of therapy for children with special needs, providing them with sensory stimulation and a safe space to express themselves.

The Orchard

Plant and grow an orchard that consists of 180 apple trees of different varieties. Currently, young people are learning about tree maintenance and in the future, young people will harvest the apples and produce apple juice from them, when the project enters its mature stage.

The orchard gives young people opportunities to develop skills in horticulture, regulate their sensory needs and encourage them to spend time outdoors.

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