Movement and exercise are an essential part of the education of young people at Prior's Court. Each one of our young people has regular access to exercise classes, movement breaks throughout the day, and sensory regulation and therapy to ensure they have enough access to exercise throughout the week. Movement has been found to aid in emotional regulation for young people with complex autism, as well as help to get rid of any excess energy, and improve moods. 

In this video, Jacob is using a spinning board in one of his sensory regulation sessions. Not only has Jacob chosen to use this piece of equipment because it's fun, but the spinning board links with the vestibular sense - part of our sensory system for movement. The board also works on some core skills, such as balance, orientation, hand-eye co-ordination and spatial awareness. It can also support the integration of primitive reflexes and support the development of our flexor muscles. 

Jacob is working on some of his key gross motor skills while also having fun, which is an essential part of what these therapy sessions are for. They aid our young people in their development of movement while giving them something fun to enjoy.