A second group from our Charity of the Year partners, Charles Hunter Associates, came to Prior's Court on Thursday, 29 February to help out with some volunteering at our beautiful 50-acre site. Once a month in 2024, a group from the company is coming to Prior's Court and offering their services to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of our young people. 

This time, the eager group were helping to clear leaves and branches from our driveway to prevent injury and slips. The recent rough weather meant that several large branches had fallen from the trees lining the drive way which had the potential to cause injury to our young people if they ran into them or tripped over them. 

The accumulation of leaves had also become slippery so the amazing work by the volunteers helped to ensure our young people remain safe and happy around site. 

Even when the weather turned rainy in the afternoon, the volunteers from Charles Hunter were not deterred. They got stuck in creating some wonderful signage and good luck messages for our Director of Operations Mark Bailey, who is undertaking a 24-hour cycling challenge around the track at Prior's Court on March 6.

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