At Prior's Court, we're committed to fostering a vibrant and stimulating environment for young people with complex autism. This extends beyond the classroom curriculum, and we actively seek collaborations with external specialists to offer enriching experiences.

We were recently thrilled to welcome the Orchestra of St John's for a special musical performance. The delight on the faces of the young people was truly infectious, as evidenced by their beaming smiles!

Classical music has been shown to have a significant impact on cognitive development, emotional well-being, and even motor skills. By working with talented musicians like the Orchestra of St John's, we can introduce the young people at Prior's Court to the magic of music and spark a lifelong love for the arts.

Find out more about our Performing Arts Centre project

This is just a glimpse into how Prior's Court goes above and beyond traditional education to provide a well-rounded and enriching experience for these young people. Keep an eye out for further exciting updates about our upcoming events and partnerships!