Thank you for your enquiry to the Admissions Team at Prior’s Court.

We have no vacancies within the school in any age groups or young adult provision as we are at capacity.

All young people at Prior’s Court have a diagnosis of complex autism alongside severe learning difficulties and associated additional needs such as epilepsy, ADHD, communication and sensory processing needs.

SCHOOL (ages 6-19) - We have a very limited number of places potentially available but not before September 2022 onwards and not within our Post 16 (Years 11-14) department which is now at full capacity and cannot admit further young people in the future.

We do not have any DAY places available for the academic year 21/22 as we have reached our day placement capacity.

Start dates for September 2022 onwards can only be agreed with confirmed funding following an offer of placement.

Prior’s Court withdrew from the Section 41 approved schools list in December 2020.

Prior’s Court do not provide emergency placements or respite services.

Please take this as a response to your enquiry or consultation if we are not a suitable provision to consider.

ADULTS - The Young Adult Provision (ages 19-25) is at full capacity until September 2022 at the earliest with very limited spaces in the future, as per our admissions policy we give priority to young people within the school.